about us

Who we are

At Perth Doggy Doors we go above and beyond the rest. We can Supply, Install and show you how to train your dog to use our dog doors. We are part of Perth’s local community and we look after it with responsibility and dedication.

Your dog is your best friend and part of your family. Your home is not just your home but their home also. Now you can help your pet to freely have access indoors and outdoors.

Our business has been specializing in installations dog doors for over 10 years. Perth Dog Doors can basically install any dog door into any area. We can have your Dog door installed in no time.

We are a Perth Based Business that serves all Perth metro area.

Dog doors or also known as ‘Dog flaps’ have been around more than 400 years, starting off just as just a hole in a door or wall, but innovation has made dog doors much more sophisticated with microchip technologies allowing access for your pet only.

Our Dog doors come in a variety of colours and sizes, they are heavy duty and are energy efficient. The pet doors will never rust or fade and will match any decor. You will find the Dog doors are easy to clean and are weather and UV resistant.

Perth Dog Doors will advise on the best-suited dog door for your dog. The dog door can be installed into glass, security doors, and timber doors.

About me

My name is George and I am the owner of Perth Doggy Doors. Ever since I can remember I have always had a love for animals. When I was 10 years old, my parents wouldn’t get me a dog no matter how much I pleaded. So I picked up a newspaper and I found puppies free to go home.
The next thing that happened is I had one of the best friends anyone could ask for and my parents had to learn to appreciate this. Becky was my German Shepherd-Corgi mix. She was beautiful.
Ever since I can’t picture myself living without a dog. I love the comfort and personality they add to my home, and having a happy pet waiting for you at the end of the day is priceless. I have never looked back since. The friendship that a dog can give you is second to none.
I have dedicated my business to helping dog owners have hassle-free access to the house through our high-quality doggy doors. We use four premium brands of pet doors: Ideal Pet Products, Pet-Tek, SureFlap, and Petway.
If you’re like me, you would want your dog to have their own freedom. I don’t mean freedom to rip up slippers and dig up the yard. I mean freedom to exit and enter the house as they please, just as we do. They are very intelligent and I think they have a right to go outside when they feel like getting some fresh air without having to wait for someone to open the door.
Choose Perth Doggy Doors because we are real dog lovers and we care. Every customer has its unique dog door preferences and we are here to give you a custom solution for all of them.